•  Regression and Classification techniques for DRASTIC multi-objective Optimization in x265  HEVC Encoder
    Developed mathematical models based on regression for predicting video coding parameters in multi-objective optimization approach for real-time video delivery.
  • An Open source Web application Framework for Decode-on-the-fly HEVC Video Databases
    Developed an open source database for decoding HEVC videos on the fly with Django(web framework) in a Python platform with open ended architecture.This intended to decode videos on a real-time basis with the user editable configurations.
  • Pixel Prediction Optimization using LASSO and Elastic Net Regularization
    Implemented optimization methods for predicting pixels in images using linear regression models and discussed performance improvements. This method of predicting pixels has a
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Ultrasound Imaging using Field II Simulation
    Simulated abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) condition using Field II ultrasound imaging technique and generated tissue motion images of the aorta to compare it with the ground image and analyzing the motion of the aorta blood vessel.
  • A Tutorial overview on HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding
    Provided a tutorial overview of the upcoming new video compression standard H.265/HEVC and briefed the advantages of HEVC over the current standard H.264/AVC.

Courses in Computer Engineering
Optimization Theory (ECE 506)
Foundations of Computing (ECE 527)
Embedded System Architecture (ECE 528)
Digital Image Processing (ECE 533)
Digital Signal Processing (ECE 539)
Advanced Topics in Image Processing I (ECE 633)
Master Thesis I
Advanced Computer Architecture (ECE 538)
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Hardware and Software Codesign with FPGAs (ECE 522)
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