DRASTIC – Comparative study of High Efficiency Video Coding Encoders and  Performance Measurements

  • x265 Optimal Video encoding performance

DRASTIC for 4K UHD Video Encoding and Complexity Analysis

  • Video CODEC complexity study for UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K resolution videos.
  • Decoding energy and scalability analysis for UHD videos

DRASTIC HEVC Inter Prediction – Camera Activity Classification 

  • Adaptive video encoding based on different camera motions (Track, zoom, Stationary) in multi-objective pareto optimization.
  • Analyze Camera activities with respect to GOP for real-time video encoding.

DRASTIC HEVC GOP(Group of Pictures) 

  • Worked on x265 open source version of H.265/HEVC video compression standard with focus on GOP(Group of Pictures) structures with an emphasis on jointly optimizing encoding time, bit-rate and the video quality in DRASTIC(Dynamically Reconfigurable Time-varying Image Constraints)framework developed in our lab. More about DRASTIC can be accessed here.
  • My Master’s thesis was based on newer GOP encoder configurations in HM 12.0 HEVC reference software with all optimal points stored in a database.

DRASTIC HEVC Intra prediction

  • Developed and applied DRASTIC model for HEVC Intra prediction modes by jointly optimizing energy, rate distortion(RD) for different operating modes.
  • Demonstrated these Pareto-optimal configurations provide performance scalability and improvement on time-varying constraints with DRASTIC control.